After Dark: Book 3 Children of Nox

After Dark is the final book in the Children of Nox trilogy. Here is a little taste of it. I hope you enjoy.

Alone in a faceless crowd

I see the dead.

They move through light

Without a sound.

I am ghostly

A wallflower at best.

A beating heart

And every day,

A dying breath.

To go where the flesh cannot travel

To see with eyes of eternity

To taste

And feel

For just a normal moment.

What is real?

That is the craziness of my own reality.


Fire melts the ice frozen by time. Embers made of passions flames have become the death that needs covered in the dirt from whence we came. There are truths hidden in the darkness. They lay dormant, waiting for that single beam of light to shine on them. They are the freedoms we all long for and the balance we all seek, and yet, they are nevermore and almost lovers. They are the two sided coin of the bastard free will, the brother of that temptress called love. If that poisonous spell called love danced across the meadows, I would spit on it and walk away. I would be ignorant to the pain of endless nights, and no longer would I live with a shadow over my head. Did I love him? I did… and that is the shame I must endure.

The abomination I allowed to be set upon the world haunts me; now the Time of Three is here. I should have let love fall, crash to the ground and burn in the fires of my beating heart. I gave way for the abomination. I lit the flames, and now I must watch and wait to see if the world will fall to darkness because of my own transgressions. If there ever was a curse for the gardens that grow in this beating heart of mine, then it would be sown with the weeds of regret. It would be the absence of joy, and a single loneliness I must cling to, in order for sanity to reign in my soul.

I have walked the world with the hope that each night, that fallacy I called my lover and husband, wouldn’t be set free from the cages that surrounded him. Oh, wondrous night and fate filled light, how do you greet me? Is it with more pain? Or do you perhaps bring me sanctuary from this darkness of my own making?

The deep wooded forests surround the one place of joy I found during my eternal night. I have no children; death and sleep are not my friends. My arms may be empty, but my heart is true and loyal to my wolves. And there, upon the mountains, sit the Fates who have watched and woven the tapestries. The three of them signal that now is the time and that sweet silence is no longer an option. In this, the Time of Three, the fate of the souls will be decided. The Dream Protector, the Stained one, and now, the Child of Light is to be born. Will they have the same fate as my dear sweet Lillianna?

I can still remember the way her tiny hand felt when it wrapped around my fingers. There was goodness and innocence in her. She was my light, my soul, killed in a rage by the demon Ash. And now, the regret I called my lover is free to do as he wills. That BASTARD! I know what he seeks. Am I powerless to do something about it? Am I not the goddess of the night? Do I not see in the darkest corners of all the universe? How, then, is it possible that in this time I am helpless? I know I have missed something. I feel it in the night’s bitter air. There is a piece of the puzzle that remains hidden. If not, then how could his heart have turned so cold to the embers of our love?

I sob, as tears stream down my face. I know the Decemberist of days are still ahead. I see the threads and long to pull just one to unravel the past and change the present. Damn the Fates for guarding the tapestries so well. If I designed my own fate, then did I also map out the fates of those I have grown to love so much?

~~Nox, Goddess of the Night.