The Blank Page Writer’s Tip

I always find it funny when I stare at a blog page and think, I have no idea what to write. The truth is coming up with a topic on a daily basis can be somewhat daunting at times. So I decided to come up with a list of topics , of things I love aside from my family.

For example, I happen to love to crochet. I also love dogs. Actually I’m obsessed with dogs and before you chastise me, yes my dogs are part of my family…lol

I have two Australian Shepherds named Cody and Cora. I’m about to have a little multi-poo named Bedo…yes I love the minions.

cody cora

This is Cora and Cody.

My tip for staring at a blank blog page is share things you love. The passions you have in your everyday life can become inspirational to others who are searching for something new. The interest you have in a particular hobby can also translate into building relationships with your readers you might not have otherwise had.

So look around at what you love and share it. The worst thing that can happen is you find people with common interests who may end up as life long friends.