Dive Deeper into the World of Angels: Destiny

compass rose

This is the symbol for Destiny

Destiny Angels see the future. They are the translators of our path that has been designed by God. Our paths may be defined in that we all have a destiny however our choices often lead us astray from the destiny that is before us.

One of the things destiny does is challenge us in order to prepare us for what we are supposed to do. These paths are not always easy and the stronger the destiny the more difficult the path. For example, if we are striving to become an influential person in a creative field, this path is filled with rejection and hardship.

This prepares us for the future success we will experience and the responsibility we will have when we reach our goals. Any destiny is worth having and worth working for.

Rules for Destiny

1 Destiny can guide us but not force us to accept the path we were born for.

2 Sometimes a personal destiny can’t be determined in a single lifetime. For example, if you’re an artist, your work may not become huge until you’re dead.

3 Your destiny can be part of another’s designed fate in that someone may not reach their potential if you do not reach yours. In this we are all connected.

4 Destiny can send out Messengers, Cupids and Muses depending on the situation and how it will guide us.

Unlike other angels, Destiny is about us reaching our full potential as spiritual and physical beings. They watch us from afar. They laugh and cry with us but always guide us when we need it or ask for it. Destiny angels are all about hope for not only the present but for the future as well.

“May your destiny shine bright and your path always be a light in the darkness.”

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