Dive Deeper into the World of Angels : Muse


This is one of many symbols for M– USE.

The Muse inspires creativity and problem solving. As there are several different creative fields in the world today, there are also that many symbols. For example, if you are an artist, the symbol for that kind of M– USE will be a paintbrush. If you are a musician, the symbol for that kind of M– USE is a musical note. The muse is filled with inspiration and is always behind the inspiration that strikes you.

As stated earlier, the M– USE is responsible for problem solving as well. The reason they are responsible for problem solving is because it often takes creativity to solve most problems in the world today.

The Muse is a rare position in the angel world in that there is only one Muse for every ten thousand people in the world.

The Rules for the Muse

1 A muse can not stay with a single human for more than a few minutes at a time. Too much inspiration leads to impulsive decision making and can turn inspiration dark.

2 A muse rarely gets to see or hear the final product he or she inspires.

3 A muse may inspire but not force humans to follow their inspiration.

4 A Muse is there to assist the Destiny angels.

5 A Muse is one of the only angels to keep up with the times in every society as part of their job to inspire what comes next.

6 How a human uses the inspiration given to them is up to them. Inspiration is neither good nor evil.

Everyone has a muse and only we know what they look like. Post in the comments below what your muse looks like and how he or she inspires you.

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