Dive Deeper into the World of Angels: Messenger Angels


This is the symbol for the Messenger Angel

Angel literally means “MESSENGER”. In this sense, all angels are messengers. However in the H. A. L. O. Saga, all angels have a purpose and a job to perform for God. The Messenger angel is no different in this aspect. Their job is to deliver messages from God.

The rules for the messenger angels

1 They can and often do, appear as strangers. These angels have the ability to speak to us and more often than not appear when we least expect it. Because they appear as strangers, humans think nothing of the paths they give us through simple conversation and we often dismiss them as a whole without realizing they were sent to us for a reason.

2 They can appear in our dreams. When a messenger angel appears in our dreams, they come as themselves and deliver the message that is supposed to put us on the right path. These are the dreams we as humans remember.

3 If a messenger angel appears in your dreams, it means you have traveled way off the path God has designed for you. They can also be messages of encouragement in times of doubt, warnings of what will happen if we choose wrong and even answers to help alleviate stress.

4 Messenger angels speak all languages with perfection.

Messenger angels will always have the color blue on them in some form or fashion. It can be something as simple as a hair tie or a necklace, or as elaborate as a gown.

When you’re down and feeling alone, say a prayer and ask for a message to be delivered. It may not come right away but it will come. Remember that not all answers are what we want to hear but all of them are exactly what we need even if we don’t realize it.

“May love always guide you and make you SHINE.”

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