There Are Days

There are days when I feel like the most invisible person in the world. I feel like I blend in against the walls in my own home. I feel like even if I screamed no one would notice. I am a ghost in my own life…

I think as writers we all feel that way from time to time. I’m afraid to fail and at times even more afraid to succeed. I mean seriously what is it all for?

I think I write to maintain my sanity. I create characters because they get me, or maybe I get them.

There are days when the world feels too big and days when it feels like it’s not big enough. Either way I write…for escape…for adventure…for love…hell I write for my life.

I want a change, so I create one. I want to travel the world, so I write and in those stories I can climb the highest mountain, ride a dragon or journey to another time and space.

I want to laugh with close friends so I write. I think we suffer, that’s what artist do. Forever I am searching for that lightning in a bottle, a single phrase that will trek through time long after I am ash and dust.

There are days when I feel like I can do anything and in between those days I can’t do anything at all…so I write, and I wonder if anyone gets me.

To stand alone.
To stand tall
To be true to me
Those are the reasons I write.

When people ask me why I write, what brought me to writing; I want to tell them it’s simply for my own personal sanity. I write so I don’t cry, I write so I don’t scream and I write to be carried away.

I write to be…me

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