Guest H. David Blalock from Imaginarium Convention



What was your favorite part of the convention and why?

As with all the conventions I attend, my favorite part is getting to talk and network with people. Writers, publishers, vendors, attendees… everyone. I don’t get out often and conventions give me the chance to make up for the lack of human contact.

What is one of your favorite moments from your time on the panels.

Getting the chance to participate in “The Language of Fear” panel with talented people and an engaged audience. Having L. Andrew Cooper call me out on a spoiler alert gave me a chuckle.

What’s the funniest thing that happened at the convention?

Although I personally didn’t see it, I heard about the production of a short film titled “Attack of the Beignets”, which I think is up at Dark Oak Media’s website. The thought of my friends being pursued by killer pastries is hilarious.

What is the one thing you learned from the convention?

First year conventions are always hard. I learned who was willing to come out and support one and who wasn’t.

What surprised you the most about the Imaginarium Convention?

The outpouring of support for Stephen Zimmer and his staff. I knew Zimmer’s people had gone the extra mile to help in the past but I was frankly pleasantly surprised at the scale of the response by writers and vendors to Stephen’s call.

What’s the best writing advice you learned ?

Keep writing. Through thick and thin, keep writing.

What’s the best writing advice you gave?

Keep writing. Through thick and thin, keep writing. I know it’s not original but I couldn’t think of anything better to pass along.

Is there anything you would have changed about the convention and if so, what would you change?

Very little. Okay, nothing. The venue was perfect. The programming was informative. The staff were friendly, available, and knowledgeable. It was one of the best conventions I have ever attended and I think they’ll have a hard time topping it.

Can you talk about your WIP?

Which one? I have several short stories and a novel in process. I never work on one at a time. That way I more easily avoid writer’s block.

In your books, who is your favorite character and why?

I don’t fall in love with any of my characters. I fall in love with the story and try to express how I feel about it to the reader through telling it the best way I can. Some characters get more attention than others but not because I like them more and others less. It’s because the story requires them to be more visible.

For fun

What’s your favorite made up word?

As a “grammar nazi”, I have none. However, pressed for an answer, I would have to allow that “texting” is as close as I can get. As far as I can tell, it’s still not an official word, merely a cognate of the noun “text”.

What’s your favorite curse word?

%#@* or !@&^#. It’s a toss-up. Although #$$@&^ is a good one, too.

What’s your favorite ice cream?

Neapolitan. I like choices but I don’t like to have to break out separate containers.


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The final confrontation between Jonah Mason’s Army and the Dark Minion Dorian Azrael doesn’t just dictate the fate of the Angelkiller’s resistance cell. It is the key battle in a larger, global Conflict that can turn the tide against the oncoming Armageddon. It all will come down to who survives when the smoke clears, and who will receive their final reward. Doom Angel concludes the Angelkiller Triad, following Angelkiller and Traitor Angel.

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