Todays Flash Giveaway! <3

Todays Flash Giveaway is from Violet Patterson!

Head over to her blog and click like for a chance to win an ecopy of Immortal Machinations!! Please make sure and put your number on the thread below the post to ensure your entry. 😀


I have read Violet Patterson’s work and I love it!! You will be in for a wild unpredictable ride when you read her books.

The Storm Sullivan Saga by Violet Patterson.


BLURB on the box set.

It began with tragedy.
Continued with rebirth.
Faithful friends…with secrets of their own.
Intensified with an uncovered past.
How will it all END?
Storm Sullivan’s life is a mystical mine field following the death of her Aunt Trin and it only gets worse. Thrown into the battle of the ages, Storm finds herself surrounded by Immortals, Seraphs, Fairies, Vampires, Witches and a Phoenix! Can she unravel the mysteries of her family’s past in time to save them all?

Here is my review from Amazon about her Storm Sullivan Saga.

what a helluva ride!!


This review is from: The Storm Sullivan Saga: The Emerald Seer Series Box Set (Kindle Edition)
I purchased this book at the Imaginarium Convention.
I was immediately drawn into Storm’s world and from there it was all up hill but in a wild ride kind of way. This book was filled with stories that intertwined with one another and kept me guessing through the entire thing. That’s generally not easy to do to me. Beautiful description, the characters lived and breathed for me. Though the main storyline was filled with mystery , there were side characters that made me laugh out loud. Violet Patterson has an easy way with words ..they roll off her pen with style and grace. I am definitely going to read more of her books.”They were tall and spindly ….” just a small example of the images she creates in your mind….love love love!!!


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