Today’s FLASH Giveaway!! <3

FLASH GIVEAWAY Like Logan L. Masterson’s Author Page and place your number in the thread below. The prize is an ebook copy of Logan’s first book, Ravencroft Springs

This is my review for Ravencroft Springs as posted on Amazon.



Poetry in horror motion!!

 Ravencroft Springs (Kindle Edition)

I picked this book up at the Imaginarium convention last week. If you have read Lovecraft, then you will love this book. The build up of the world he created was done with gradual ease as he sends the readers on a journey filled with terror. There is some awesome writing in this little book that breaths life. Small example, page 27 “her forehead creased sympathetically”…the pictures he created in my mind while I read made them jump off the page. For that I thank him because so many times I have read books and the characters are for lack of a better word, FLAT…not so in Ravencroft Springs. :)As for the storyline itself, it is without a doubt a timeless tale backed by some great writing. A move to a small town for a change of pace leads David into a world filled with mysteries and into a town filled with some strange people. The small town atmosphere gives the perfect setting to spin the story.If I say more, I’m likely to give the entire thing away…just know that this is a book you should read.


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