Guest Iscah from the Imaginarium Convention

I had such a blast meeting everyone at the Imaginarium Convention a couple weeks ago, I thought I would share the authors I met there with all of you. 😀

Today’s guest is Iscah, author of Seventh Night

What was your favorite part of the convention and why?
Panels… I like informative discussions.  I was able to do several this year and hard to pick a favorite, but “Crafting a Hero(ine)” stands out in my memory.
What is one of your favorite moments from your time on the panels.
Having 9am on Sunday be our biggest panel turn out.
What’s the funniest thing that happened at the convention?
Having 9am on Sunday be our biggest panel turn out.
What is the one thing you learned from the convention?
There’s a microwave in the business center.  …this is far more important than it seems at first glance.
What surprised you the most about the Imaginarium Convention?
The DJ had Storybook Love in his repertoire.
What’s the best writing advice you learned ?
I’m not sure I learned anything new, but understand I’ve been studying writing with dedication for some time now.  Also I was stuck a table and only able to attend panels I was on…  I had some things reaffirmed.
Part of the trick with writing advice is to learn what to ignore.  Which doesn’t necessarily mean the advice is bad, but very little of it will fit everyone to equal degrees.  And always consider the source.
What’s the best writing advice you gave?
Writing is an art.  Publishing is a business.
Is there anything you would have changed about the convention and if so, what would you change?
 It’s a first year convention, so I filled up the front and back of the feedback sheet with notes.  However, the fact they had feedback sheets was a very good sign.  I’ll take the fifth and not retype my feedback sheet here.
Can you talk about your WIP?
Yes, I just started on the third story in my Before the Fairytale set, which is sort of a prequel to Seventh Night.  If all goes well, I’ll start releasing the chapters in serial form in November.  The current story Horse Feathers is finished and free to read until November.  When the former goes up, the latter will come down and then reemerge as an ebook.
In your books, who is your favorite character and why?
I don’t play favorites with my brain children.  They sulk enough as it is.
For fun
What’s your favorite made up word?
 What’s your favorite curse word?
 Shazbot.  …generally though I dislike cursing.  It’s too often a lazy use of the language and substitute for actual communication.
What’s your favorite ice cream?
Why do you insist on asking difficult questions?
If God meets you at the gates of Heaven, what do you want him to say?
 Hopefully some variation on “Come in.  Good to see you.  You’ve done well.”  And once the pleasantries are done, I hope He might have time to answer a few thousand questions.
Seventh Night
Once, a boy fell in love with a girl not long before a princess married a charming prince, and if the boy had been the prince or the girl had not been the princess, this might have been a simple fairytale romance.
But he wasn’t, and she was.  So things were complicated.  And then there were the bandits and the poison and the kidnapping and the secrets and the betrayal and the monsters and the magic, the journey across the desert and the journey across the sea, and of course that tax issue.
In a land where unicorns are commonplace, life can start resembling a storybook.  Everyone wants a happily ever after, but sometimes true love requires sacrifices…

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